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El Paso, Texas



Sun City Cats is a TNR advocacy community organization working in El Paso, Texas and surrounding areas. We subscribe to the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) protocol in an effort to gradually reduce the number of free-roaming or "stray" cats in the El Paso and surrounding areas.

We have been endorsed by Animal Services in El Paso, the Animal Shelter Advisory Committee, as well as the El Paso Veterinary Medical Association.  Our group is run by volunteers in its entirety, we do not receive any grant money. Money to pay for the spay/neuter surgeries, rabies vaccination, and the necessary trapping equipment comes as donations from kind individuals and our volunteer members. We could not continue our community service without the support of our local veterinary clinics.


Sun City Cats is not an animal rescue group. We promote humane cat population control, educate the community on how to have a peaceful co-existence with free-roaming cats and aid individuals as well as other rescue organizations to organize and execute the TNR programs in their own neighborhoods. We are the liaison between veterinarians, individuals, community groups, cat fosters, cat adopters and the City's Animal Services Department. We teach, inform, support and empower individuals to  improve the quality of life of the free-roaming cats living in their neighborhoods. Everyone benefits when there is a better understanding

and respect for the lives of any animal.

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