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Sun City Cats cannot succeed without a strong core of volunteers. Whether you have one hour a week or one day a year to give, Sun City Cats is a place where you can give back and make a difference.

We need volunteers to canvass neighborhoods and assess work to be done, trap or release cats, transport to and from veterinary clinics.

Be free-roaming cat ambassadors at local events. Build cat shelters and relocation kennels. Deliver cat food and cat supplies in emergency situations, etc.


To become a volunteer please click on the banner below, complete the application form and email to



Colony Managers are the Angels looking after the Community Cat colonies. They are those Individuals with a heart of gold that have taken upon themselves the often expensive task of feeding and caring for an entire colony of cats. Colony Managers do not only provide food and monitor the colony but they also do TNR. They trap, transport to and from veterinary clinics, monitor cats after surgery, then release the cats.

Sun City Cats is here to provide Colony Managers with mentoring, access to discounted veterinarian services, emergency food supplies, traps on loan, and volunteers for mass trapping events.

For more information about Colony Management please contact us.



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